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We cover a variety of luxury development projects in the residential and commercial sectors in Tampa, FL; Austin, TX and San Digo, CA.

Modern Single Family Home Exterior

Single Family Homes

18-24 Month Investment Hold

Modern Townhouse development

We ca typically push through plan and permit review time lines in 3-6 months in Tampa, FL and Austin, TX. Plan and permit review times can be upwards of 12-15 months in San Diego, CA. We ensure to complete the construction of this development type within 8-10 months.


24-36 Month Hold

We plan for at least 15 months for plan and permit review timelines for townhome projects. We love to provide various floor plan layout with minimal duplication to ensure each space remains unique. Outside the box finish colors for each block of units gives a nice aesthetic touch which bring the units to life after 10-15 months of the vertical construction phase.

Apartment Complex / Building

Apartment Buildings

36-48 Month Hold

Our goal with apartments is to develop, build and recapitalize to hold. Plan and permit review timelines can range from 15-20 months with build times of 15-25 months depending on the complexity and the amount of units. We do not wish to rush construction of any of our products but especially so for apartment units. The detail needed to ensure each unit meets a high standard with providing a luxurious lifesyle for the residents are top priorities.

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